Dear Leah (A letter to the Leahs of this generation)

***Based on Genesis 29***

Dear Leah,

You may feel like no one notice you, but God sees you. He knows you… even before you were born. You may not be the desired one, but God adores you. You may be the least favorite, but you are favored. You may be waiting for man’s acknowledgment, but God already anointed you. While you're wishing you had Rachel's beauty and youth, God has placed the cradle of life inside of you. You are so blessed! More blessed than you could ever imagine! You are CHOSEN. And when you’re chosen, this life thing? It won’t come easy.

People will label you by what they know __and don’t know__about you. They will call you by your past failures and flaws. But God holds your future. You will have the last laugh. Please stop trying to fit in. Stop trying to get other folks' approbation. Stop waiting for people to celebrate you. Stop naming your blessings after your pain. In the storm, just praise. Dance right in it. When you feel all alone, drown those thoughts with the Truth, which is that God will never leave you. Watch Him set up a table in front of all those who never thought any good of you. You won’t have to fight your insecurities and battles alone anymore. Keep pushing. Keep birthing. Keep praising.

Nations will come out of you. Kings and queens will call you mother. You will be a well of blessings, flowing from generation to generation. You are a force to be reckoned with. Just keep your faith and your hope in the Lord and know that God’s thoughts of you matter more than man’s mere opinions.

You are loved, favored and anointed. Never forget that.


A Woke Leah