Fall Ready

Good morning loves and Happy Monday!


I know you're probably thinking that I'm way too much ahead thinking about Fall, but I can't help myself! I am in love with Fall! For various reasons and most unbeknownst to me. I've been getting so excited every time I see the degrees drop lower and lower every week and it keeps feeding my impatience even more. It even makes me want to sing a requiem to summer(lol!) But besides all of the hype, I enjoyed this past summer. I loved every places I visited and will forever cherish the moments I shared there with my love, family and friends. 

Although I can't seem to put my finger on it, I know it's besides my obsession with sweaters, jackets, cardigans and boots. It's also not because I love the different spectrum of colors the leaves turn to or the fact that Fall announces my birthday ( :-) ) but there's something about Fall that makes me prepare myself for a change. Change for all things new, just like the leaves change and fall, to produce new fresh leaves.

I like to keep thoughts of restoration in mind whenever things don't seem right in my life, and whenever Fall comes, it's yet another occasion for me to remind myself that change is on the way and soon, I will be harvesting great fruits from my hard labor.

Outfit details- Skirt (old from Asos.com->similar); Shoes (old from RalphLauren.com-> similar); Belt (old from Asos.com ->similar); Pearl necklace (similar).

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