Snow White

As much as I love online shopping, one of my challenges has always been getting dresses that would fit comfortably around my shoulders. The dress may be true to size however, because my shoulders are broader than the average woman, it's always a struggle finding the perfect dress. (Another reason why I gave up on off-shoulder dresses because they just never really go down my shoulders :-( )

                                          DRESS ( HERE )           SHOES ( HERE )           BAG ( SIMILAR )     SUNNIES ( SIMILAR )

                                         DRESS (HERE)           SHOES (HERE)           BAG (SIMILAR)     SUNNIES (SIMILAR)

I've encountered some issues with this white dress from Eloquii (although Eloquii's sizing is pretty accurate) but I didn't let it bother me too much and still rocked it. The dress is absolutely gorgeous! It's very well made and is the purest form of white ever seen. The black trimming gave it a very chic look which I absolutely love. 

Tip: If you have wide shoulders like me, I would advise you to size up and then opt for alterations. Also, always make sure you know your measurements (bust, waist, shoulders, arms, etc...) Trust me when I say it helps!

Other than that, this spring dress is perfect for work, church or even a business meeting. Just rock it with a vibrant pair of heels and you're good to go. 

Until then,