When Life gives you lemons

 Dress:  Eloquii

Dress: Eloquii

 Dress:  Eloquii   Shoes:  Aldo                                        

Dress: Eloquii

Shoes: Aldo


What do you do when it feels like all you've been handed in life are lemons? They are beautiful and so aromatic on the outside, but sour on the inside?

Given that life hands "lemons" to everyone from time to time, how do you keep the best, most positive attitude? How do we use those sour life challenges or sometimes bitter-sour life trials and difficulties and turn them into something good? Especially where the stream of incoming lemon bombs is never-ending and exhausting?

Let me remind you today that nothing in this world is too much for you to bear. The beauty of being given something we may not want, is that God trusts our capability to turn anything in our hands/lives into something positive and great! Something that you and people around you will greatly benefit from! You can take any sort of negative experience and turn it into something useful. It's about learning from mishaps, using mistakes to broaden our experience and turning a negative into positive.

You are expected to turn your "lemons" in to lemonade, lemon pie, margarita WHATEVER you want! You name it! You are in control! Life situations should never control or paralyze you! 

Always guard your heart from the daggers of negativity, know what's in your hands (gifts and talents) while depending on God to bless it and keep moving forward! 

Lissa M.