Pastel Dreams

                                       Blazer:   Eloquii                                             Pants:   Eloquii                                             Shoes:   DSW  

                                      Blazer: Eloquii                                           Pants: Eloquii                                           Shoes: DSW 


 Dreams...everyone has them. We wake up daily with a burning desire to be great, do something great, leave our mark in this world or even work our dream careers. Our ambitions ride the rhythm of our hearts. We symbolically post our visions on white boards, decorated with glitters and inspirational quotes; we hang them up in our rooms, we post them all over social media yet very few of us actually act on them.

Some of us never muster up the courage to execute them. I know sometimes we may encounter challenges that hinder us, however I strongly believe that some of us are simply not doing anything about them. I'm telling you this because I have been guilty of this__and still am!

I wanted to share a few reasons why you're probably (given that these reasons may or may not apply to you) not chasing your dreams, hoping you will find reasons why you SHOULD, after reading this.

  • You're (probably) lazy. There. I said it. When it comes down to the execution of your dreams, that entails lots of work and dedication and if you’re not about that life, you wouldn’t want to commit. Maybe you need to do some research to gain a bit more knowledge on how to get started. This will help make the journey a bit less intimidating. Ignorance should never be an excuse. Maybe you need to network. Maybe you need to ask for advice. There are so many things that you can do to get started, requiring not one penny.
  • You're (probably) not confident in yourself. “As a man thinketh, so is he”. No one can make you believe in yourself more than you can. You may have faith in God, but not believing in yourself will do you more harm than good. You may be the shortest person in the room. Walk tall. Maybe you made some reckless decisions in the past, but there is so much about you that is good, regardless of what you have been told. Choose to believe in who you are and be proud of that. Do not compare yourself to others. 
  • You're (probably) living up to other people's standards. You should NEVER live up to standards other than the ones you’ve set for yourself. People will have a whole agenda for your life (including your loving family members and friends) but you know what you want, you know the vision you have for yourself. It’s in your heart, it’s on your mind, you breathe, eat, sleep it. Just because they couldn’t dare dream it doesn’t mean it’s not for you and that you won’t succeed. 
  • You're (probably) waiting for the "right" time. Waiting ‘til you get your money right. Waiting ‘til you perfect your life. Waiting ‘til you have a man/woman. Waiting ‘til you lose weight. Waiting ‘til you gain weight. Waiting ‘til you run out of reasons why you’re waiting. My friend, time waits for no man. I do believe there is a time for everything, but are you watching and praying so when that time presents itself, you’re ready to get to work?  If there’s truly no real reason stopping you from doing what you need to, just get it done. It’s now or never.
  • You (probably) stopped dreaming. Maybe life happened and suffocated those dreams. Maybe you feel like you’re too old and your chance may have passed. Maybe someone robbed you of your enthusiam but you CANNOT quit. You can’t just throw in the towel after one blow. Learn to roll with the punches and fight back. 

Conclusively, there may be a myriad of reasons out there looking to stop you from doing what you were intentionally placed on this earth to do but you can’t let anything or anyone__including yourself, stop you from accomplishing them. No matter what! 


Until then,